Enables fast and seamless SkillsFuture Credit claim submissions


The SFC Payment Gateway group of APIs is aimed at streamlining SkillsFuture Credit claiming processes to help save time spent on tedious manual calculations and paperwork submissions.

Wondering why you should use these APIs? Here are the top 5 benefits of using SFC Payment Gateway APIs.

If you are a training provider, you can: 1. Save time by reducing the number of steps needed to complete SFC claims for your students 2. Save effort by allowing simultaneous upload of support documents to complete SFC claims 3. Efficiently manage SFC claims procedures by automatically canceling incomplete claims

If you are an individual, you can: 1. Save time by immediately offsetting your SkillsFuture Credit against course fees when you register for a course 2. Easily view your SFC account balance and make plans to utilise your credits 3. Conveniently update personal details required for SFC claim submissions

Wondering how they work? Here's an example that illustrates how you can deploy SFC Payment Gateway APIs.


Your employer is a major tertiary institution which has decided to reduce the manual paperwork, time and expenses associated with calculating course payments and SkillsFuture Credit. You are given the objective of integrating SFC claims procedures into the current course payment process.

You can use SFC Payment Gateway APIs to combine these two discrete processes seamlessly into one single transaction.

The following APIs can be used to create the app.

Use Cases API
Automatically lodge SFC claims in a single transaction Submit Claim (OOB) Upload Supporting Document
Check status of claim Display Claim Details
Cancel previously submitted claims Cancel Claim


The new and seamless SFC claims process allows course administrators dealing with training grant applications to save countless hours of tedious manual work that used to be spent on calculating SFC balances and submitting claims.

Your company now has more resources to streamline other parts of its business processes.

If you are an individual, you will be able to pay for your course fees and submit your SFC claim simultaneously, saving time and resources.