Simplify retrieval of qualifications in SSG Skills Passport


The Skills Passport group of APIs is aimed at providing MySkillsFuture portal functionalities, simplifying HR administration with direct access to OpenCerts (blockchain-verified digital education and training certificates), as well as career qualifications and capabilities tracking.

Wondering why you should use these APIs? Here are the top 5 benefits of using Skills Passport APIs:

If you are an employer, you can enjoy: 1. Directly access highly motivated individuals' Skills Passport profiles 2. Save time on due diligence research, background checks, and fraud detection 3. A standardised format for displaying skills, certificates and licenses 4. One-stop resource for tracking employee core competencies and skills 5. Priority access to industry apprentices via Supported Apprentice program.

If you are an individual, you can enjoy: 1. Direct access to Skills Passport, your free, convenient and secure record of all your skills, educational certificates and licenses in one place 2. Easier management of career qualifications and references 3. Automatically updated with blockchain-secured digital certificates from major educational institutes 4. One single, standardised repository of career records 5. Maximum exposure to potential employers and training opportunities.

Wondering how they work? Here's an example that illustrates how you can deploy Skills Passport APIs.


Your company wants to improve HR management by automatically extracting relevant career information from staff's Skills Passports. You have been tasked to create an app for HR that provides the following benefits:
  • One standard format for presenting staff's career information
  • Reduce time needed to process new job applicants and onboard new staff

You can use the Skills Passport group APIs to develop an app that provides the above information:

Use Cases API
Extract the individual's academic records. Get Academic Qualifications /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/academicQualifications /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/academicQualifications/latest /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/academicQualifications/highest
List the individual's professional certifications. Get Professional Certifications /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/professionalCertifications /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/professionalCertifications/latest /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/statementOfAttainments /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/workforceSkillsQualifications /ind/RetrieveECert /ind/poolECert?IndividualId={individualId}
List the individual's skills and capabilities Get Skills and Capabilities /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/skillsAndCompetencies/generic /skillsPassport/{guid or nric}/skillsAndCompetencies/technical


These APIs allow your company and staff to reduce time and effort spent updating and editing staff documents to fit a standardized data format. OpenCerts also help HR staff bypass the tedious, error-prone process of detecting fake educational certificates and lapsed licenses.

With a standardized data format, your company can also easily apply filters to derive lists of staff members who meet basic requirements for career advancement opportunities or training courses. This enhances its ability to manage and attract talent.

If you are an individual, you enjoy the convenience of only having to update your career records in one place. The career information can be directly accessed by your current employers, and used for future job applications.

And with a standardized format for everyone, you can stop worrying about losing a job opportunity to someone who has a better looking CV. Relax in the knowledge that the playing field is now fairer for all job applicants, so you can focus on improving your skillsets instead!